Take your event from average to amazing! Don’t see something on the list below? Ask us!


Uplighting is a popular lighting effect created by strategically placing lighting fixtures on the floor and pointing them up. Thus creating the effect of ‘up lighting’. Uplighting is a very effective way to dramatically improve the ambience of an event space.

Custom Monogram Lighting

Enhance the look of the room with a breathtaking visual that will capture the attention of all of your guests. A monogram gives your event a nice touch of elegance to your dance floor that will highlight your first dance in a new light.

Wedding/Event Coordinating

Never planned a wedding or event? Just need someone the day-of? We can help! Our Wedding/Event Coordinator is responsible for making sure your event is executed perfectly. She will oversee vendors, manage your timeline, and overcome any last-minute challenges that arise during the festivities.

Photography | Videography

Our team will help capture all the important, behind-the-scenes, candid and professional photography/videography of your event.

Photo Booth

A portable booth that snaps pictures of you and your besties, while having fun with props in front of a backdrop. Downtime sucks during events. Avoid that with a photo booth!

Audio Visual

Whether it be mixing for a band or artist, sound and light for theater, or audio visual for a corporate event, we have all the tools and resources to make sure your event succeeds! Need recommendations for a band or artist? Check out our Collaborators page.


Guests take turns adding their vocals to prerecorded background music. Engage your audience and get everyone singing along together. Karaoke is that step above the ordinary. You can still do the standing around, drink in hand, making small talk thing — but at a certain point in the evening, crank up the karaoke  machine and even the most never-gonna-sing-in-front-of-people die hards will move towards the music and the microphone.

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